Debabrata Mukherjee and his team has successfully summited Mt. Bhagirathi III (6454m) via virgin North Ridge

Debabrata Mukherjee and his team has successfully summited Mt. Bhagirathi III via north ridge on 15th September, 2015 at 11:15 am. Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) and Pathajatra club jointly organised this Himalayan peak expedition to Mt. Bhagirathi (6454m) via virgin North Ridge in August-September 2015.

Brief expedition report: On 28th August the Pathajatra club team left Kolkata for Dehradun with Mr. Dedadrata mukherjee for Delhi. IMF part of the team reached Uttarkashi on 1st September. They reached Gangotri (3048 mtr) on the next day and established their base camp at a hieght of 4802 mtr (30°54’21.3”N/79°09’04.7”E) on 6th September. Camp – I was set up on the succeeding day at a height of 5343 mtr (30°53’12.2”N/79°09’10.3’E) on 7th September. Camp –II was laid on 8th September at an altitude of 5802 mtr (30°52’40.5”N/79°08’30.6”E) and on the succeeding days the porters and the climbers started loading ferry and the routine of acclamitazation was initiated. The Summit camp at 6090mtr is just on the col connecting B-III & B-IV at 30°52’29.9”N/79°08’02.3”E.  It’s an arête.

15th september they have successfully summitted Bhagirathi -III (6454mtrs. 30°52’16.5”N/79°07’56.1”E) at 11.15 am.

“The view from the top was astounding. Towards the west the peaks standing on the western bank of Gangotri glacier were Majestic. We could see from Kharcha Kund, Sumeru, Kedardome, Kedarnath, Kirtistambh, Meru group of peaks and Shivling East & West. Thalaysagar, Bhartekunta and Bhrigupanth were peeping behind them. In the North, Bhagirathi-II was looming large blocking the view of Sudarshan group partially.  But we could see Srikailash, Nila-Pila, Radhanath Parvat above Chaturangi glacier. The NE and north is half covered by the Vasuki Parvat.  But it’s immediately behind the flat summit of Satopanth and  Kamet and some distant peaks could be seen far away. The SE & South is covered by the highest sister of Bhagirathi group, the Sheer walls of Bhagirathi-I was the closest to us”, said Debabrata Mukherjee, Leader of the expedition team.

Summit members: Debabrata Mukherjee (leader), Gundala Jodhana, Manika Pradhan and Subid Ali.
Summit date: 15th September, 2015
Team Length: 10 Members

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