In a first, Kolkata climbers reach Bhagirathi III peak in Garwhal Himalayas

A team of mountaineers from Kolkata has created a record by climbing the unconquered Bhagirathi III in the Garwhal Himalayas recently.

There had been several unsuccessful attempts in the past by climbers across the globe to scale Bhagirathi.  A city-based adventure club, Pathajatra, supported  an Indian Mountaineering Foundation team to take up this expedition.

The team reached the top of the 6,454-m peak via North Ridge. This expedition is considered one of the toughest tasks on earth.

“North ridge of the Himalayas begins from the north side of the Everest in Tibet. This region has a tough terrain. It involves a lot of technicalities to scale the peaks in this region. Summiting Bhagirathi III, through North Ridge, is a real difficult task. This team is the first to have reached the top via North Ridge,” IMF member and leader of the team Debabrata Mukherjee said.

The Mukherjee-led group reached Bhagirathi III on September 15. The 22-member team commenced its journey from Uttarkashi.

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