Indian Navy – IMF Jogin I & lll expedition

Jogin is a popular multi summit massif which rises from Rudugaira, Kedar and Jogin Glaciers in Garhwal Himalayas. JB Auden and DG McDonald recceed these peaks in 1935 (HJ-8/96). There are three prominent peaks in this massif, which are generally attempted from Kedar Valley. Jogin I (6465m) which rises in between Jogin II (6342m) and Jogin III (6116m) was first climbed in 1970 by instructors and trainees of NIM Advance course. Jogin II was first climbed in 1971 by Bengali team from Durgapur and Jogin III was first climbed in 1968 by team from Pune.

These popular peaks were summitted many times by many Indian and foreign teams individually.

This is always an honor to get invited by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and lead a bunch of mountaineers to climb Himalayan Peaks. But for Debabrata Mukherjee this is the first time that he is invited by the Indian Navy to Guide a group of Navy Personnel to climb Jogin peaks as the Technical Advisor cum Organizer through IMF. The team is getting flagged off on 2nd May and would start their journey to the mountains on May 4th from Delhi.

Debabrata will be helped in this expedition by highly experienced mountaineers:

  • Ms. Tusi Das (Everest and Kanchenjunga Summiter)
  • Naveen Singh (Bhagirathi – lll and other technical peak summiter).
  • Raja Dass (Yunam & Karcha Parvat)
  • Chitramohan Singh (Cathedral and other peaks)

The Team of Indian Navy is consists of the following Navy Personnel:

  • Cdr DN Chaitanya – Team Leader
  • Lt Cdr Radha Singh – Deputy Team Leader
  • Lt Cdr Kokila Sajwan
  • Lt Kurian Joseph
  • Lt Cdr Shivesh K Sanam
  • Lt Pratik Dharia
  • Ashish Gupta LA(AH)
  • MM Vwaish, EMPI
  • Lt Cdr Karthik Parasuraman
  • Avinash Bawane, MA I
  • Sandeep Chaubey,
  • LS PT I